Malindi Marine national park is located about 118 km from Mombasa town to the south of Malindi town. The vegetation in this park includes the fringing reefs, coral gardens in the lagoons, sea grass beds, mangroves and mudflats. The Park covers an area of about 6 sq km and is enveloped by a reserve 212 sq km South of Malindi town.

Animals in this park include:  marine life like crabs, corals, sea urchins, jellyfish, sea stars, and sea cucumbers and turtles include the Loggerhead, Green, Hawksbill and the Olive Ridley, fish including the Barracuda, Sharks, Angel Fish, and Surgeon Fish
Lobsters, Crabs, Clams, Octopus and Star Fish


Bird species include:

What to do

  • Trips to Manyugu, a tidal Island
  • Sunbathing
  • Snorkeling   
  • Boat rides
  • Sea Bird watching
  • Diving
  • Nature walks along the beach
  • Visits to the coral
  • Swimming
  • Boat & Dhow rides                                             

Other Attractions:

  • Magical Island
  • Sea turtles
  • Corals
  • Dolphins





When to go
All year round

By Road: Drive 110 km North of Mombasa
By Air: Take charter flights to Malindi Airport