Sibiloi is located in Northern Kenya. The vegetation is arid semi desert, commiphora, woodland and shady thorn trees. The main attraction in this park is Lake Turkana. It covers an area of about 1570 km² and is about 800km from Nairobi.

Animals in this park include:  Grevy zebra, gerenuk, oryx, Hyena, leopard, lion, cheetah, hippo, plains and Grevy’s Zebra, topi, Lesser Kudu, Grant’s gazelle and silver-backed jackal.


  • Koobo For a museum
  • Forests
  • Birdlife
  • Crocodiles






What to do

  • Game viewing
  • Bird watching



When to go
All year round

By Road: Drive from Nairobi to Kalokol on the lake’s western shores, via Kitale and Lodwar about 800 km north of Nairobi.
By air: Fly from Nairobi to the park of which you will land in either of the 2 airstrips