The primate reserve is located 350km east of Nairobi and 240km north of Mombasa in Tana River district of coast province. The vegetation is riparian forests, dry woodlands and savannah. It’s a home to about 200 species of birds. The park is about 6 km2 in size.

Animals in this park include:  Grevy's zebra, giraffe, Oryx, buffalo and the lesser kudu, crocodile and hippo, red colubus and Mangabey monkeys

Bird species include: White-winged Apalis, African Open-bill Stork, Martial Eagle, Bat Hawk, African Pygmy-falcon, African Barred Owlet, Scaly Babbler, Black-bellied Glossy-starling, and the Golden Pipit.

What to do

  • Game viewing
  • Bird watching
  • Primates watching
  • Walking Trails





When to go
All year round

By plane through Malindi or Mombasa airports
By Roads: The reserve is accessible via the Malindi - Garissa road. Located 250km north of Mombassa on the Malindi to Garissa road.Access through Malindi