Tsavo East national park is 11,747 Km² in size. It’s the largest and oldest national park in Kenya. The vegetation in this park is bushy grasslands, open plains, rocky outcrops, semi-arid acacia scrub, woodlands and Swampy marshlands near Voi River.
There are over 500 species of birds and some animals. You can access the park from Malindi through the Sala gate, from Voi through the Manyani gate, from Mombasa through the Bachuma gate. With in this park there are rivers, Lake Jipe and the Mzima Springs.

Animals in this park include:  lion, black rhino, Cape buffalo, elephant, leopard cheetah, zebras, giraffes, serval, antelopes, kongoni, lesser kudu, oryx, klipspringer, impala, stripped hyena, water buck, kudu, gerenuk, hunters hartebeest, gazelles, black rhinos.

Bird species include: black kite, crowned crane, lovebird and the sacred ibis, ostrich, kestrels, buzzards, African skimmers, goshawks, red and yellow bishops, palm nut vultures and the white-headed buffalo weavers. Ostriches, kestrels, buzzards, starlings, weaver birds, kingfishers, hornbills’ secretary birds and herons

By air: fly from Nairobi Wilson airport to Samburu air strip
By Road: You can drive to the Park which is about 350 Km from Nairobi about 5 hours

What to do

  • Bird watching
  • hiking
  • whitewater rafting
  • Game viewing







Other Attractions:

  • Lugard Falls
  • Mudanda Rock      
  • Yatta plateau  
  • Athi River/ River Galana
  • Aruba dam
  • Mudanda






When to go
All year round

By Road: From Nairobi through Mtito Adei Gate its 240Km drive
From Nairobi through Tsavo gate its 290Km drive
From Nairobi through Manyani Gate its 307 Km drive
From Nairobi using Voi gate its 340Km drive 
By air: You can fly to Tsavo East national park landing at various airstrips with in the park like Mopeo, Bachuma, Cottars ,Voi, Aruba, Satao, Sala, Ithumba, Sangayaya airstrips